The Compassionate Leadership Academy is a deliberately affordable, accredited, measured, online leadership and personal development course that will inspire commitment and performance.

Based from real-life experience and the science of behavioural change and high performance, this online course equips you with all the tools of leadership to build committed, engaged and high performing teams. It is accredited, measurable, disruptive, accessible and deliberately priced to democratise leadership development and so is affordable for all. The Compassionate Leadership Academy draws on the 20 years of experience of explorer, adventurer, business leader, author and inspirational speaker, Manley Hopkinson, and the brilliant leaders and experts he has worked with across the globe. Manley is also a Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company, London.

The Compassionate Leadership Academy is for anyone with ambition, an open mind, a willingness to learn, to grow and to challenge themselves. It is for everyone who wants to be the best version of themselves. You could be the CEO of a multinational, (or have an aspiration to be one), the Director of an SME or a vibrant start-up, an energetic entrepreneur with big ideas, a leader in the community or part of a growing team - if you want to be inspired and excited, want to own your own future, and recognise you need to help grow and develop those around you, then this online course is for YOU.


The Compassionate Leadership Academy consists of 26 online course modules designed as an interactive, inspirational journey of learning.

Each module takes around 45 minutes to complete and consists of:

  • Short, engaging, studio produced video clips.
  • Animated learning activities.
  • Interactive workbooks.
  • Personal Development Plans.
  • Regular assessments.
  • Key point certifications.
  • Downloadable pdf summary.
  • Immediate feedback.

There are two parts to the online course.

Part 1: Individual Authenticity - self-awareness:

Part 2: Collective Brilliance - the tools of a compassionate leader:

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