Corporate Engagement

A wide range of organisations have now been using the CLA and have become part of the CLA research group. Their feedback on its effectiveness has shown that the CLA has had not only far reaching impact on developing high performing organisations, but also some profound moments of learning and growth at a personal level. The most impactful application of the CLA is when the organisation embeds the programme within their learning and development activity.

Organisational Methodology

The best way ahead for larger organisations to ensure full engagement and maximum impact is to:

  1. Assign a CLA Leader from the SLT to own the programme. Ensure they have admin support too.
  2. Assign self-facilitated learning groups each with a Local Administrator (suggest 6-10 people).
  3. Create kick-off events and communications (we can help, see below).
  4. Create a network of local CLA Champions to help coordinate and facilitate the learning group meetings.
  5. Overall Leader and Local Champions meet regularly to discuss progress and impact.
  6. Engage your HRD and Line Management community to help with enacting the Personal Development Plans - PDPs.
Self facilitated learning groups

The principle of the self facilitated learning groups is to share the experience, the learning and the application. Meeting weekly or bi-weekly, schedule it in calendars for 90 minutes. Some principles for successful learning groups:

  • Ensure everyone has a voice.
  • Listen with the intent to understand.
  • Be open and courageous in your sharing.
  • Share what activity you committed to in your PDP, and its impact.
  • Be compassionate!!
CLA Support

There are a number of ways that we can assist:

  1. Kick off communication - It is vital that everyone engaging with the programme fully understands the why, the what and the how. We can work with you in crafting your organisation specific communication so everyone is fully informed and raring to start.
  2. Kick off event - We can deliver a top-team or whole organisation inspiring kick-off event to ensure commitment to the CLA programme.
  3. Workshops - We can deliver regular workshops with CLA accredited facilitators that will help ensure that everyone keeps track and progress together.
  4. Conference calls / Webinars - We can deliver remote conferences and workshops to create high-performance cultural alignment with the CLA programme.
  5. Top Team development + CLA - A powerful and effective way of creating a cultural transformation of compassion is for us to work deeply with the senior leadership team in parallel with an organisation wide engagement with the CLA.
  6. Train the trainer - We can develop the internal capability and train local in-company facilitators to be CLA accredited and so support the CLA programme.
  7. Integrated Programme - We can work with you to integrate the CLA into your existing learning management system and development programmes We can even "white label" the CLA to your own brand.


Taster Module

Committing your whole organisation to a specific programme of work should not be taken lightly, so why not have a go first? We have enabled Module 12 on Delegation to be accessed without having to commit for the whole program. We thought you would like to see how it all works, get used to the feel of it and try it for real. Obviously, as we have explained, we believe strongly that before you can apply the tools of leadership, you need to ensure you have the mindset of a compassionate leader - great self awareness first. So even this module on Delegation will be so much more powerful when experienced within the framework and in the correct order of the CLA programme itself.

Module 12 - Delegation

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The Compassionate Leadership Academy consists of 26 online course modules designed as an interactive, inspirational journey of learning.

Each module takes around 45 minutes to complete and consists of:

  • Short, engaging, studio produced video clips.
  • Animated learning activities.
  • Interactive workbooks.
  • Personal Development Plans.
  • Regular assessments.
  • Key point certifications.
  • Downloadable pdf summary.
  • Immediate feedback.

There are two parts to the online course.

Part 1: Individual Authenticity - self-awareness:

Part 2: Collective Brilliance - the tools of a compassionate leader:


A unique and extraordinary aspect of the Compassionate Leadership Academy is that it is measurable. We will quantify the progress and the impact that this programme will have on your life and your leadership. In partnership with My People Group, and as an integral part of the CLA programme, we will apply best practice research and analytics to measure the human factors that contribute to high performance cultures, providing evidence of the performance impact achieved by the CLA programme. Access to this incredible knowledge allows you to track and measure the impact of the CLA.

So how does measurement work?

At specific touch points in the compassionate leadership programme - on registration and in Modules 9, 15, 20 & 25 with a final review in Module 26 - you will be asked to complete a short online survey looking at four aspects of performance, the results of which will be processed and shared with you almost instantly.

  1. Strength Firstly, we measure the strength of bonds between you and those you work with - the strength of your relationships. Working with people who are invested in you and who you want to go the extra mile for, increases your chances of success and raises performance all round; it is the basis of commitment.
  2. Values & Culture Secondly, we want to see how you really feel about the values and culture of your organisation. Do you share the values and behaviours of your peers and your community? Understanding where you, your peers and your organisation are aligned creates a collective brilliance, and understanding the differences can be actively fed into innovation - both positively impact the creation of a sustained high performance culture.
  3. Personality Then we look at you, your personality. A compassionate leader needs to start from a place of self knowledge. Our simple survey will help you to understand more about yourself, another piece in the jigsaw of you, and will help map your personality to those around you to see how that impacts your performance, in good and bad moments!
  4. Mood And finally we will use the My People tool to assess your mood throughout the course. How you are feeling on a regular basis. This dynamic mood assessment looks at a more frequent measure of how you feel and helps map your mood to your journey on the compassionate leadership programme and to your performance.

The benefits are many and varied, whether you are engaged in this programme as an individual or as part of an organisation. As you climb your own personal mountain, these tools will help you see just how far you have come and give you clear sight of where you have to go next.

My People Group are performance and engagement analysts, data scientists and psychologists, driving the performance analytics that link culture and leadership to performance. Success stories include: GB Cycling, GB Rowing, Team Sky, Leicester Football, both Saracens and the British & Irish Lions Rugby and the Philadelphia 76ers. The results are extraordinary performances, including over 30 World Championship titles, more than 20 Olympic Gold medals, 1 rugby Six Nations Grand Slam, 3 Six Nations Tournament win, 2 undefeated Lions tours, 1 Premier League title and 3 Tour de France wins. Their work also contributed to the foundation of the marginal gains approach.

If you want to know more about the My People Group, then please click here.

The Outcome

The Compassionate Leadership Academy is a truly inclusive and accessible online learning course designed to develop:

  1. Real behavioural change - Little and often creates real behavioural change that can be leveraged internally leading to tangible benefits. This also allows the programme to be accessed within the working environment whilst minimising staff time off-task thus bringing the application of good leadership directly into the organisation.
  2. Remote/Virtual/Field Teams - The online delivery methodology allows teams to engage collectively regardless of geographical spread.
  3. Improved team development - With teams engaging in the programme together, it speeds up the team formation and development cycle.
  4. Improved staff engagement - Raised self-awareness of staff and the visible investment in staff development will improve staff engagement. The inspiring and story-telling style of the programme has a positive motivational effect too.
  5. Improved well-being - With a focus on developing all 4 quadrants of personal growth (intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical), the CLA helps develop a strong sense of self worth leading to improvement in well being and mental health.
  6. Improved decision making at all levels - With improved communication and delegation the CLA also specifically develops the ability to ensure decisions are aligned to strategic intent at all levels.
  7. Leadership capability growth - design to develop leadership capability at all levels so amplifying the impact of the programme and assisting in creating the leadership succession capability.
  8. Performance - The creation of an inclusive compassionate team generates commitment, collaboration and ultimately high performance at all levels.
  9. Continuous Professional Development - Being accredited by the Institute for Leadership & Management, the CLA online programme counts toward your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).



“The biggest outcome for me is one of commitment through the fulfilment of self-worth. Through being deeply aware and then feeding your inner motivational needs you create commitment, in yourself, in those around you and with your organisations. Commitment delivers engagement, collaboration, growth, resilience, innovation, motivation, well-being, happiness, greater productivity and, ultimately, performance”.


Manley Hopkinson


The Institute of Leadership and Management have “approved” the Compassionate Leadership Academy online programme and will be our accrediting body.

The ILM have researched and lead leadership learning since 1947 and are recognised as being the authoritative voice in the community of global leaders.

This close relationship with the Institute enables us to offer you discounted joining fees, allowing you unrivalled access to their huge leadership development resources and many other benefits that Institute membership brings, all adding to your leadership learning journey.

If, through this programme, you join the Institute of Leadership & Management then on completion, as well as receiving our certificate of completion, you will also receive their formal completion certificate.

This can be used as part of your ILM Level 5 accreditation and will enable you to upgrade from Study Member to a full Member of the Institute of Leadership and Manangement; you can then add the letters MInstLM after your name.

You can also use your Institute certificate, through the principle of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), to fast-track the qualification requirements within the City & Guilds leadership programmes.

Our CLA programme is unique and extraordinary in many ways and now even more so through our approval from the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Institute membership benefits include:

  • Personal growth with access to their MyLeadership eLearning tool
  • Prestigious post-nominal letters - enhancing your reputation and helping you get ahead in your career
  • Extending your network - share and learn from their 30,000 strong community
  • Keep up-to-date - through their weekly news updates, podcasts and practical research
  • Keep learning - through their expertly curated resources
  • Keep informed - through their EDGE leadership journal sharing current research and best practice