The Outcome

The Compassionate Leadership Academy is a truly inclusive and accessible online learning course designed to develop:

  1. Real behavioural change - Little and often creates real behavioural change that can be leveraged internally leading to tangible benefits. This also allows the programme to be accessed within the working environment whilst minimising staff time off-task thus bringing the application of good leadership directly into the organisation.
  2. Remote/Virtual/Field Teams - The online delivery methodology allows teams to engage collectively regardless of geographical spread.
  3. Improved team development - With teams engaging in the programme together, it speeds up the team formation and development cycle.
  4. Improved staff engagement - Raised self-awareness of staff and the visible investment in staff development will improve staff engagement. The inspiring and story-telling style of the programme has a positive motivational effect too.
  5. Improved well-being - With a focus on developing all 4 quadrants of personal growth (intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical), the CLA helps develop a strong sense of self worth leading to improvement in well being and mental health.
  6. Improved decision making at all levels - With improved communication and delegation the CLA also specifically develops the ability to ensure decisions are aligned to strategic intent at all levels.
  7. Leadership capability growth - design to develop leadership capability at all levels so amplifying the impact of the programme and assisting in creating the leadership succession capability.
  8. Performance - The creation of an inclusive compassionate team generates commitment, collaboration and ultimately high performance at all levels.
  9. Continuous Professional Development - Being accredited by the Institute for Leadership & Management, the CLA online programme counts toward your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).



“The biggest outcome for me is one of commitment through the fulfilment of self-worth. Through being deeply aware and then feeding your inner motivational needs you create commitment, in yourself, in those around you and with your organisations. Commitment delivers engagement, collaboration, growth, resilience, innovation, motivation, well-being, happiness, greater productivity and, ultimately, performance”.


Manley Hopkinson