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No, it needs internet access. You do have downloadable pdf documents of all the key learning on each module though.

Everything !

The learning management system is Moodle and is tested to work with the following desktop browsers;

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer

And mobile browsers;

  • MobileSafari
  • Google Chrome

For the best experience and optimum security, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date.

Note: Legacy browsers with known compatibility issues with Moodle 3.5 are;

  • Internet Explorer 10 and below
  • Safari 7 and below

Yes, you can always go back and view or modify all your responses to questions, but not your immediate feedback or your test responses.

There is a red tab “Request Support” on the right hand side of the screen. Just click on that and we will get back to you, certainly within 24 hours.

Very! It is fully compliant with the latest GDPR regulations. We take your privacy seriously. The hosting environment is ISO27001 certified based on Amazon’s Cloud infrastructure serial.

How far you have got and when you last logged on.

Some of the generic “word cloud” responses to specific questions will also be available for your organisation to see. It is anonymised.

For ever!

Whatever you have paid for and completed will always be yours. It is our intent that you can frequently refer back to the CLA modules and remind yourself of all the key learning.

Well, that’s up to you to a degree. I know that what is in the CLA, when applied, makes a huge positive difference to the individual and the communities in which they serve. It is not just about work, but about impacting positively in all aspects of life. The “up to you” bit depends on how much discipline you bring to the programme. Each module contains a personal development plan (PDP) and a series of activities designed to embed the learning. Do that and you will notice the difference.

Don’t worry, even though the design is to get into the habit of learning weekly, if you miss a week due to unforeseen circumstances you won’t lose out. You can do it at your own pace. Whatever you have paid for is yours. However, we do strongly recommend that you get into this “habit of learning” and that you plan the 30-40 minutes per week as an investment in your life and those around you.

If you have joined as part of an organisation or company, then, missing a week will be noticed and you may be prompted to “get stuck in”.

Simply put, No. There is a very deliberate 6-day delay between modules. This is so you can practice and embed the learning. Trying to cram it in won’t deliver the transformation we, and you, are after.

It can be made available in almost every language on the planet. Initially, it has been created in English, however, if you wish it in another language then please do ask; if there is enough demand then we can make that happen. As we get more and more users joining the CLA so we will make other languages available. Our intent is to deliver a Spanish version next.

Well, yes, but … Everything I speak about is “open source” material quite deliberately. We want people to be free to use it and engage other people. It is no good if it can’t be used freely. We also do not want any “hidden costs” where you find you are having to pay more to use our tools. The “but”, is that we wish you to use the learning and tools in the way they are intended - to become brilliant compassionate leaders, but not for you to re-sell or to make into your own business. If you do have a business idea around the CLA, then please do approach us first; we will be compassionate!

Not at all! If you can read you can join in. Our youngest students are still at school, and our eldest should have retired long ago, but finds that the CLA is about living a full life of purpose and meaning and recognises that we can always learn!

Initially, I am afraid, you will miss out on the videos unless your lip-reading is good. I do try to enunciate my word and speak clearly, but … However, the videos have been created with the intent to add sub-titles and we will be adding them shortly. Please do contact us if you wish us to accelerate the addition of sub-titles.

There will be. We will be stocking a range of super-eco-friendly products including stationary, organic cotton T-shirts and caps and maybe all sorts of other things. If you have any ideas, then drop us a line.

Yes. We are looking at hosting a series of global seminars for the CLA community and will let you know when they are planned.

Oh yes please!! We recognise that the CLA is a learning programme and we are really keen to continue our journey of discovery too. If you have any suggestions on how we can make it better, what new ideas you have that we ought to share or examples of compassionate leadership in action, then we would love to hear from you. Thank you!