Corporate Engagement

A wide range of organisations have now been using the CLA and have become part of the CLA research group. Their feedback on its effectiveness has shown that the CLA has had not only far reaching impact on developing high performing organisations, but also some profound moments of learning and growth at a personal level. The most impactful application of the CLA is when the organisation embeds the programme within their learning and development activity.

Organisational Methodology

The best way ahead for larger organisations to ensure full engagement and maximum impact is to:

  1. Assign a CLA Leader from the SLT to own the programme. Ensure they have admin support too.
  2. Assign self-facilitated learning groups each with a Local Administrator (suggest 6-10 people).
  3. Create kick-off events and communications (we can help, see below).
  4. Create a network of local CLA Champions to help coordinate and facilitate the learning group meetings.
  5. Overall Leader and Local Champions meet regularly to discuss progress and impact.
  6. Engage your HRD and Line Management community to help with enacting the Personal Development Plans - PDPs.
Self facilitated learning groups

The principle of the self facilitated learning groups is to share the experience, the learning and the application. Meeting weekly or bi-weekly, schedule it in calendars for 90 minutes. Some principles for successful learning groups:

  • Ensure everyone has a voice.
  • Listen with the intent to understand.
  • Be open and courageous in your sharing.
  • Share what activity you committed to in your PDP, and its impact.
  • Be compassionate!!
CLA Support

There are a number of ways that we can assist:

  1. Kick off communication - It is vital that everyone engaging with the programme fully understands the why, the what and the how. We can work with you in crafting your organisation specific communication so everyone is fully informed and raring to start.
  2. Kick off event - We can deliver a top-team or whole organisation inspiring kick-off event to ensure commitment to the CLA programme.
  3. Workshops - We can deliver regular workshops with CLA accredited facilitators that will help ensure that everyone keeps track and progress together.
  4. Conference calls / Webinars - We can deliver remote conferences and workshops to create high-performance cultural alignment with the CLA programme.
  5. Top Team development + CLA - A powerful and effective way of creating a cultural transformation of compassion is for us to work deeply with the senior leadership team in parallel with an organisation wide engagement with the CLA.
  6. Train the trainer - We can develop the internal capability and train local in-company facilitators to be CLA accredited and so support the CLA programme.
  7. Integrated Programme - We can work with you to integrate the CLA into your existing learning management system and development programmes We can even "white label" the CLA to your own brand.


Taster Module

Committing your whole organisation to a specific programme of work should not be taken lightly, so why not have a go first? We have enabled Module 12 on Delegation to be accessed without having to commit for the whole program. We thought you would like to see how it all works, get used to the feel of it and try it for real. Obviously, as we have explained, we believe strongly that before you can apply the tools of leadership, you need to ensure you have the mindset of a compassionate leader - great self awareness first. So even this module on Delegation will be so much more powerful when experienced within the framework and in the correct order of the CLA programme itself.

Module 12 - Delegation

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